Monday, December 17, 2007

So, it's December already...

Time has gotten away from me again! So much has been happening here and I wanted to post about it but just didn't have the time. We have been working on remodeling the house (pics to come, I promise!) and getting ready for Christmas. All of the gifts are knitted, but some still need the ends woven in and blocked. I will post pics after those gifts have been given on Christmas. We have been baking cookies and I have yet to make the fudge and truffles. Christmas shopping is almost finished, though I am stuck on a couple of gifts and I really hope that I get a good idea soon since they really need mailed out ASAP! I also am working on sewing up a few last minute gifts for my family. I am going to try to make some Christmas morning pj's for W and C, but that will depend on if I can get the two other gifts I need to make done in time. I did make my daughter (W) a Veggie Tales printed bag from a tutorial I found on the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog.
I am going make a bag for my son (C) also out of Cars print fabric. I'll post a pic of that also when it is finished, hopefully buy the weekend! I did make one addition to the pattern; I used the extra fabric from cutting out between the handles for a pocket inside. I liked how it turned out, though for the next bag I am going to lengthen the handles a bit. I just think that there needs to be a bit more room to get your hand through the handles comfortably. This is an awesome blog and I would recommend those of you that like to sew going and visiting this site. The owner did a 30 days of gifts theme for the month of November and there are so many really neat projects that are simple to whip up for gifts. (You'll have to go back to the November posts to get a link to the projects. December 1st has the complete listing of the projects.) Well, off to finish that laundry so I can start on that bag!