Friday, September 28, 2007

Garage Sale Find!

I am a die hard garage saler.... hey, I've got to do my part in reducing waste and keeping stuff out of landfills, right? Doesn't hurt that I can find good bargains now and again, too! Well, I just have to brag about my find this morning. I went to a garage sale where the lady was clearing out her craft room and she had a box of KNITTING NEEDLES! I picked up several circular needles in both nylon and aluminum, several sets of dpn's, one set of straight needles, 4 stitch holders, one cable needle, and one of those needle size/gauge thingies all for $10. Several of these needles look bran new! Needless to say, my knitting drawer is very happy. I think I need to celebrate by buying some nice wool yarn to put one of these needles to use... LOL!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Knit shawl done!

Right now, for some reason, the knit bug has bit HARD and I am knitting like mad and am drawn to all of those luscious yarns out there! I have been knitting dishcloths from all of the KALs I belong to and I just finished a knit shawl. I needed something to keep me warm for an up coming wedding I was invited to, so I decided to knit the shawl to go with the dress I bought. I found this gorgeous, soft wool/cotton blend yarn and could not resist using it for the shawl. I just used the granny's favorite cloth pattern (without doing the decrease). I also added a lacy bit at the top of the shawl. It is so soft and warm! My daughter loves to wear it so I let her model it so I could take a pic to post. I'll hopefully get my husband to take a pic later so you all can see how it goes with the dress.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hi All!

Ok, so I have been browsing the web and am a bit envious of all of the wonderful blogs people have created, so I decided to just start my own! This is also a great way to share with all my friends and family who care to know what is going on here at my house, since I am terrible about keeping in touch with everyone! I knit, crochet, sew, and very occasionally embroider and plan to make the majority of the posts about my needle work, but I do also plan to share about other things that are going on here. I am not that computer saavy, so I am learning how to do this as I go along. I hope to be able to figure out how to post pictures and also one of those slide shows of completed projects. So, here goes...