Tuesday, January 8, 2008

After the Holidays Recap

The holidays were busy here at our house. We did finally put up our tree a week before Christmas. This was the first year that we had to assemble toys for our little ones so it was a late night for B and I. All of those cardboard blocks in the picture had to be folded together and the tool workbench had to be assembled. I really take pity on those parents who have more complicated things to assemble, like a bike or something like that on Christmas Eve! Our family gave almost everybody on our list a handmade gift. I knitted dish and face cloths and made fudge and nut roll to gift away. Everyone seemed very pleased with their gifts, so I am thinking that I will make this a new tradition for us. Handmade gifts are so nice to get and you know that someone spent time creating the gift for you. I took a few pics of the gifts that I made, but I think that I accidentally deleted the pics of the mountain of cloths that I made :-(
This first pic is the contents of the box that I sent my exchange partner for the skinny scarf exchange at Tea Time Knitters. The second pic is a close-up of the pattern of the scarf I knitted.
These pics are of the scarf that I knitted for my SIL. She made a request for a scarf when she found out that I was knitting most of my gifts for Christmas this year.
This pic is of W looking into her bag that I made for her (see previous post). She loves the bag and I plan on making a few more for her this year so she can have a few to take to the library, stash her doll clothes in, etc. I did not have time before Christmas to make C his bag, but it is next to do on my sewing to do list.
Our New Year's Eve was a quiet one because we chose to just stay home this year, relax, and watch all of the festivities on television. We watched the ball drop, a bit of the show from NY city, and went to bed at 1:30. We didn't want to be on the road in case any of the other people celebrating a bit too much were out there driving. Better to be safe than sorry :-) Here is wishing you a very happy new year and hopes that if you did make a resolution, that you can achieve it!

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