Friday, September 28, 2007

Garage Sale Find!

I am a die hard garage saler.... hey, I've got to do my part in reducing waste and keeping stuff out of landfills, right? Doesn't hurt that I can find good bargains now and again, too! Well, I just have to brag about my find this morning. I went to a garage sale where the lady was clearing out her craft room and she had a box of KNITTING NEEDLES! I picked up several circular needles in both nylon and aluminum, several sets of dpn's, one set of straight needles, 4 stitch holders, one cable needle, and one of those needle size/gauge thingies all for $10. Several of these needles look bran new! Needless to say, my knitting drawer is very happy. I think I need to celebrate by buying some nice wool yarn to put one of these needles to use... LOL!

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