Friday, February 22, 2008

The hat is done!

I finished the hat that I started 2 days ago and I will have the perfect opportunity to wear it tomorrow out in the cold and snow while we go house shopping...again. I knitted continental method which, in my opinion, is faster than the English method when doing something this easy. This is only the 4Th project I have knitted continental, so I am still learning. I do find continental knitting much quicker when just doing a knit stitch and it is much less movement than the English method. I like the ease of doing the knit and purl stitches with the continental method too. No need to put your yarn in the front and then move it to the back, just one slight adjustment of your needles and the yarn is where it needs to be. Well, I am off to have a nice cuppa tea to help clear my stuffy head. I am hoping this cold goes away soon, because I am really sleep deprived!!!

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