Monday, April 7, 2008

Sick here...

It has been a while since I have posted because it just seems that as soon as we get over one illness, another follows right behind it. We have had the flu and the flu with a cold, and now we have colds floating around our house. Ugh. We are really missing getting out with our friends. We are staying in as much as we can so we can hopefully not spread our germs and also not pick up anything else!
We did have a good Easter. W and C dyed eggs with us. This is C's first time dying eggs and he had a blast. Last year he was just barely tall enough to get his nose over the table to see what his big sister was doing. It was a fun, messy time we had!
I have also been busy at the sewing machine. Knitting has been neglected except for the purse that I am knitting for my exchange partner at Tea Time Knitters. I made W and C bottoms for Easter. I repurposed a few shirts that were given us into a twirly skirt with lace for W and a pair of pants for C. They both loved them and were so happy to wear them to Grandma's house Easter Sunday! I forgot to take pics of them wearing their new clothes, though. I also made my Mom a knitting needle roll for her birthday. She is just taking up hand knitting (she owns several knitting machines and has made many beautiful things, but is now into making socks), and I thought that she'd love a place to store her new needles. I searched around on the Internet for a pattern, but did not find one that I exactly liked, so I designed my own pattern. I think that it turned out really well, and now I am jealous that Mom has a roll, but I don't! I'll have to make myself one soon, but I always tend to make gifts for others and feel guilty when I keep something that I have made for myself. Why is that?
The end of March also brought around my little one's birthday. It is hard to believe that C is already 2 years old! I still remember holding him and nursing him when he was so small. I could just put him in a sling and carry him around and he would be so happy and content. He is now a very active toddler who just secretes so much boyishness! Forget the sling, he wants to run! He has energy to outlast me every day. I feel so blessed to have him. Here is a picture of him with his birthday cake. The party is to follow next week.
Yesterday was such a wonderfully sunny day in the upper 50's here, so we took the opportunity to go outside and enjoy it. We barbecued on the grill and played outside. C helped me replant my aloe vera plants. The little one I was gifted two years ago for Christmas had grown so big, that the pot could not support it. It also had grow 8 more small plants. I repotted the large one for myself, planted a medium sized pot with 4 of the little plants for my sister-in-law, and I have an extra pot to give away to someone that has three more plants. The last plant was very tiny, so I composted it.
It is supposed to be warm outside again today, so we plan on spending the day outside again. I think that I am going to hang out some laundry for the first time this year. I had Hubby fix the clothes line yesterday so I could use it this week. (It had an accident this winter!) I love the fresh line-dried laundry smell. I hope you all can get out and enjoy this wonderful Spring weather we are starting to get, finally!

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Christa @ Quintooples said...

Not sure where exactly you will be in the area, but if you will be more on the west side...we use Mark Leone in Fairview, He's great.

If you will be more on the east side I have heard that Dr Ray in Northeast is OK with selective vaccinating!
Hope that helps!